Friday, 18 May 2018

Grass Track is back and its huge

The sun was shining, the grass was cut, the crowds were out, people were smiling and laughing in the park - no it wasn't another royal wedding it was the first grass track of this year's YHPSCL. One hundred and two riders representing ten different schools got to grips with the CCH track bikes at Hackney Downs - many for their first time on a fixed wheel bike.

To make sure the riders understood what riding a track bike entails there were practise sessions before the racing began - main point to remember - don't stop pedalling!

 With the large turn out the program became a sprint orientated afternoon with riders taking part in Keirin heats of six or seven riders. The winners of each heat then would advance to a match sprint final.

The year 4 boys and girls had there heats first - the races were for three laps with Kai leading them round as the derny for the first lap and a half.

Year4 girls heat 1 results

Year4 girls heat 2 results

Year4 girls heat 3 results

Year4 girls heat 4 results

Year4 boys heat 1 results
Year4 boys heat 2 results
Year4 boys heat 3 results
Year4 boys heat 4 results
Year4 boys heat 5 results

Year5 girls heat 1 results
Year5 girls heat 2 results
Year5 girls heat 3 results
Year5 girls heat 4 results

Year5 boys heat 1 results

Year5 boys heat 2 results

Year5 boys heat 3 results

Year5 boys heat 4 results

With the heats all finished it was time for the finals-  in the year 4 girls a trio of Jubilee girls had mad it through but it was Tyasia from Kingsmead who prevailed in a close racefor the win- 

Year 4 girls final
In the year 4 boys final logan from Millfields took a narrow win over his teammate Elliot -
Year 4 boys final

The year 5 girls final was next and again Jubilee were well represented this time getting the win through Ishanna.
year 5 girls final
The last race of the day was the year 5 boys final and again Millfields had a 1-2 with Jimme taking the win from Nikolas.
year 5 boys final

All this leaves the league looking like this with to rounds to go -
League standings after round 7.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Jumping into Mountain bike racing

9/3/18 There were a few worried faces when riders heard they may have to go over a jump in this years Mountain bike round of the YHPSCL. Although when it came to practise nearly all of the 81 riders from the eight schools that turned up opted to try out the A line and went over that jump. Whilst during the actual races many riders found it faster going round the longer B line. As well as the jump there were other technical sections involving descents and ascents with tight corners and slippy mud to contend with so the riders had a good deal of learning to get in before racing.

Arlo getting air over the jump
 The number one coaching point we were aiming at all riders understanding was the ready position for MTB riding. The ready position should be your neutral go-to position when riding as it provides good stability, control of the bike and is the starting position for many other techniques and skills. It sets the rider up for whats coming next - be it a tight corner or rocky drop off - looking ahead, stood up on level pedals, brakes covered and weight balanced over the centre of the bike means a rider should be able to tackle whatever is coming up. This is something riders can practise anywhere on any bike which will improve their bike handling all round.

Good display of the ready position from Jimme
Year 4 girls getting ready to start
 First to race were the year 4 girls and straight away the girls form Jubilee were to the fore - Charlie Poppy and Grace looked to make a clean sweep of it however Merle form Gayhurst pipped Grace on the line to deny them the 123. The strength in depth of the Jubilee girls continues to impress.
Year 4 girls in action

Year 4 girls in action

Year 4 girls in action

Year 4 girls leading trio

Year 4 girls results
 Next up were the year 4 boys and once again the Millfield's lads were showing strongly with Harris building an impressive lead over the rest of the field to take the win followed by team mate Logan with Brandon coming in third for Jubilee.

Year 4 boys winner - Harris

Year 4 boys podium

Year 4 boys results

Year 5 girls line up
The year 5 girls race saw Ishanna and Lena of Jubilee slug it out for the first two laps followed by Lola from Millfields in the Ishanna pulled away just enough to take the win.

year 5 girls in action
year 5 girls in action

year 5 girls in action

year 5 girls in action
year 5 girls in action

year 5 girls in action
year 5 girls in action

year 5 girls results

 year 5 boys line up
 The last event was the year 5 boys with riders from Millfields and Gayhurst setting the pace - eventually the duo of Jimme and Nicolas proved too strong for Arlo meaning another 1-2 for Millfields.
year 5 boys in action

year 5 boys in action

year 5 boys in action

Year 5 boys leaders

year 5 boys in action

year 5 boys in action

year 5 boys in action

year 5 boys leading trio 

Year 5 boys results

year 5 boys podium
Once again it was great racing by all - its good to see so many smiles on faces as they are going round and hopefully they will all be practising their mtb techniques over easter. Jubillee won the round narrowing the gap to Millfields at the top of the league slightly. The next round is in May - grass tack at Hackney Downs for years 4 and 5 again - see you there.
Current league standings after round 6.