Monday, 27 February 2017

Lea Valley Velopark Circuit race 2

They breed them tough at Jubilee - bear arms on such a cold day!
The second of this years two circuit race events took place on a chilly Friday just before half term. This time round we gave the year 4 and 5 riders coaching sessions for the first hour focussing on cornering, ascending and descending and using their gears. This proved successful as it means more time on the bikes for the riders and they are improving their technique. For instance there were less riders pushing their bikes up the hill due to poor gear choice than previously. We will continue this model into the remaining events this season.

Training practise before the races - focusing here on cornering technique
 - inside pedal up looking where they are going, accelerating out of the corner.

Training practise before the races - focusing again on cornering technique.
The year 4 girls raced first for three laps with Lena and Ishanna getting a 1-2 for Jubilee followed by Uma from Millfields.
Girls year 4 race 

Boys year 4 race
The year 4 boys also raced for three laps with a clean sweep of the medals for Millfields by Louis 1st Nicholas 2nd and Jimme 3rd.

Racing past the velodrome
The year 5 girls followed next with Ashleigh and Laila from Millfields getting away from the rest Mabel from Jubilee came third.
The winner of the year 4 boys

The year 5 boys went Jubilee's way with Milo getting 1st and Milo 3rd split by kaspar from Millfields in 2nd. With all the top spots going the way of these two schools they have stretched out their lead in the overall competition - all results below.
Well wrapped up year 5 boys in action.

Year 4 girls podium
Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys podium

Year 4 boys results

Year 5 girls results

Year 5 girls podium

Year 5 boys podium

Year 5 boys results

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

YHPSCL at Lea Valley Circuit part 1

Riders in action at the Lea Valley Velopark road circuit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Round 4 finally got underway last Friday despite a threatening storm at the  Lea Valley Velopark road circuit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Luckily the storm didn't fully hit till evening but the riders still faced a strong wind coming up the hill next to the velodrome forcing many off there bikes and running to the top.

Year 5 girls start.
The year 5 girls started off the proceedings. The 23 riders were soon spread out around the circuit as  Ashleigh from Millfields stretched her lead over the four laps to win by a large margin from team mate Laila followed by Myeisha from Kingsmead.
Ashleigh winning the year 5 girls race.

Myeisha 3rd , Ashleigh 1st and Laila-Grace 2nd in the year 5 girls race.
Year 5 girls results.

Year 5 boys line up.

 Next up were the year 5 boys with the same number of riders also doing four laps it started off being a closer race between the Millfields and Jubilee boys. after two laps Milton pulled away from the rest taking the win again for Millfields followed by Milo and Mylo from Jubilee. These two schools took all top six places showing how strong their teams are.
Milton winning the year 5 boys,

Year 5 boys podium -Milo, Milton and Mylo

Year 5 boys results 

The third race saw the closest finish of the day. The year six girls had 21 starters and this time they were racing for five laps of the circuit.

The year six girls getting briefed before their race.
Anna from Jubilee and Molly from Gayhurst quickly built up a lead over the rest of the field with Molly sticking like glue to Anna's back wheel - showing some knowledge of road racing as she kept out of the wind.
Molly chasing Anna in the year 6 girls race
The two girls lead grew considerably as they lapped all but two other riders - the watching spectators eagerly awaited the finishing sprint between the two leaders. In the end it was a very close win for Molly as you can see from the photo but well done to both of them for putting on such a great display.

Photo finish from the year six girls race with Molly just pipping Anna to the line.

Elizabeth and Molly on the year six girls podium with a stand in for Anna.

Year six girls results.

Year six boys  getting ready to go.
The last race of the day was the year six boys with 20 riders tackling five laps of the circuit. A group of four quickly established a lead, then Robin from millfields started pulling away and only Murray from Jubilee could stick with him before he too was dropped, leaving Elliot from Millfields and Rueben from Jubilee to battle for third place.

Lap 1 of the year 6 boys race.

Robin wins the year six boys.

Year six boys podium Murray 2nd, Robin 1st, Elliot 3rd.

Year six boys results.

Current league standings after round 4.

See you at the next one.

Thanks to Roderick and Karen for the photos.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Circuit race postponed due to snow

Ok it wasn't quite like the Stelvio - but it would have felt like it.

Friday's race at the Lea Valley Circuit was called off due to snow and high winds making the temperature  a bit on the dangerous side for those racing/watching or officiating- we hope to sort out a rearranged date for this round of the league as soon as possible.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Roll on 2017


Renas from Parkwood in action

Riders from Millfields, Thomas Fairchild, Shacklewell and Kingsmead schools ready to start racing.

Round three of this year's league broke the records with our largest ever number of riders participating in last Friday's roller racing event at the Forest Centre in Dalston. One hundred and twenty racers from ten schools turned up in either the morning or afternoon sessions shaking the building to its foundations with their noisy support. Adding to the decibel levels we had a bicycle powered sound system going that riders used to warm up on - all of which means that if Santa turns up on Christmas Eve I won't be able to hear him.

The riders used fixed gear track bikes on the excellent Goldsprints system racing for the equivalent of two laps round the velodrome or 500 metres in old money. As expected over such a short distance the results were all very close to one another. The standout results were Anna from Jubilee - fastest girl of the day at 30.85 seconds and third fastest out of everyone - and Milton from Millfields the fastest boy of the day and only rider to drop under the 30 second barrier with a winning time of 28.59 seconds. Full results below.

year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys results
year 5 girls results
year 5 boys results

year 6 girls results

year 6 boys results
The Parkwood team
 The league standings now see Millfields increase their lead over Jubilee whilst Southwold, Kingsmead, Parkwood and Grazebrook all closed the gap to Gayhurst. There is an obvious strength in depth at the top two schools with the majority of their riders scoring points in all the categories. The onus is on the other schools to increase the competition for places in their teams. for ideas and help as to how to go about this contact us at Cycling Club Hackney. That said the league is about making cycling a fun and rewarding thing to do and judging by the faces on friday it looked like they were all having a great time.  As Paul one of the adults helping out wrote to me later - 
"Thanks again for putting on another great event on Friday, the kids all loved it, and the ones who hadn't done it before were very excited afterwards....the word intense came up quite a lot!"

League standings below.
League standings after round three

The Millfields team getting their race face on.